Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots

Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots

Safe online slots is proud to announce the reputable and beloved game Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots is now available for playing, as part of the favoured Canadian mobile slots games known to be in very high demand!

Containing the rewarding bonuses, special features, and a variety of betting options, Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots offers its gamblers Wild, Scatter, 3X multipliers, free spins and retriggered free spins and bonuses and so much more!

At Safe Online Slots, the gamers will enjoy on the one hand all the benefits attributed to a high quality casino game such as spin-thrill, high anticipation, and surprise from each and every result as well as the specific benefits Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots has to offer: fancy drawings taking the players straight into the ocean such as walruses, background colours and background sound effects resembling the deepest point of the ocean, emphasizing the whole sensation. Once choosing this slots for mobile play, the fun and excitement are integral parts of the awesome gaming experience!

Let’s Talk Benefits!

Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots has many benefits to offer its players while each of them is more special and intriguing than the former one!


The Joker symbol of the online casino world. WILD, which in this game is drawn as a strong merman can serve as a substitute to any of the symbols appearing on the reels excluding the Scatter and Bonus feature symbols. By doing so, the WILD takes part in turning two (or more) identical adjacent symbols into another win at this spin. With WILD symbols on the screen it is possible to win even with a few symbols simultaneously.

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The Scatter Symbol and the Free Spins

While all symbols pay left to right, Scatter pays any. But much more important than that, Scatter is capable of awarding with FREE SPINS! Containing the drawing of a beautiful mermaid, 3, 4 or 5 of them can give you 10 FREE SPINS! Moreover, Scatter wins are multiplied by the total number of credits stacked and all the wins are multiplied during the Free Spins! Still not enough for you? Free Spins can be retriggered! Want more? Scatter, besides benefiting with free spins also gives a nice payout, depending on the number of Scatters appearing on the reels each spin. An ongoing experience of joy, fun and thrill!

Treasure Bonus

Treasure Bonus is a nice treat taking part at all the mobile slots bonuses of Mermaids Millions. The Treasure Bonus feature a is triggered when an active payline has 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols appearing on the screen, thus, benefitting the player with very beautiful payouts which will only make this Mermaid game feel like a true Million.

Variable Symbols

Different symbols payout different credits. While the symbols of the numbers payout around the average amount (in direct relation to the number of symbols on the reels, of course), gaining the unique sea creatures or the desired symbols of special rewards can benefit not only with bonuses or nice payout, but with very high credits which will instantly increase the joy of winning the spin!

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Betting Options

Many of them are available over here! The gamer can bet Max, which is 15 lines, 5 coins and 375 as a total betting amount. Many options exist between the minimal and maximal amount, of course. This way, any gambler can match the betting amount to his pocket size as well changing his mind before and after each spin. The betting amount is very flexible. The minimal amount would be on 1 coin, 1 line and 0.15 as the betting amount.


The betting can be handled either manually, as most of us are probably used to, or automatically, as optional in some slots casino games. While opting the AutoSpins mode, it is possible to choose 5, 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 spins to be applied automatically one after the other. The AutoSpins can be on custom condition, which enables to choose in advance when to stop the spins. Want them to stop automatically when the win is equal or exceeds a certain amount? Want to stop merely when all spins are over? Either way – you can. Beware to remember that no matter how many AutoSpins you chose and what pre-condition was applied for the stop-command, at the end of the day the power is only in your hands. A Stop button is always available, at the old place of the Spin button. Press it if you wish the AutoSpins to stop. At any given point.

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Free Play and Real play

New at the gambling world? Still do not fully understand how the whole business works? Want to get more familiar with the specifics before depositing and winning for real? Mermaids Millions offers a solution! Simply open a Free Play version and start getting the thing while still using demo credits. In the demo version, 1,000,000.00 will be available for you to use. That way, you will be able to understand how the betting goes and what it means to receive the new credits to your payline. Alternating from Free Play to Real Play is very easy, and usually available either on a constant banner appearing to the screen or on a random suggestion jumping every now and then. One way or another, once you are ready to feel the real thrill – it will be available just a few clicks away. Once opting the Real Play version, of course, the full experience of depositing, gambling, anticipating, and winning is benefited and the excitement simply never ends! So join today and enjoy the wonderful Mermaids Millions Mobile Slots!