Playing Poker Tight – Aggressive Strategy

Playing Poker Tight – Aggressive Strategy

When playing poker, players have to make use of different types of poker strategies. Tight-Aggressive is also a strategy that most players make use of when playing poker. The style of poker generally refers to percentage of low flops and aggressive betting options that most poker players make use of.

Tight Poker Game

A player is generally termed as being a very tight poker player if he folds his poker hand the moment all his common sense requests him to do so. When playing poker hand you just have to keep in mind that you get a chance to see flops only in case you are having good and strong poker hands, but otherwise there are more chances that you get to see lots of folds before you can actually see a flop.

Let us consider an example: – if you manage to get 4 of Hearts and 3 of clubs then there are chances that a tight player might in fact never even want to wait to experience flops. The best players certainly might choose to fold and wait for their next chance or round. There are also a number of tight players who might in fact fold even if they are having any troubling hands that are not good enough to make a win like10 and King or even ten and Ace.

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You just have to keep in mind that a tight play certainly is not the one that makes use of pre-flops, but at the same time there are chances that in case the tight player feels that his chances of winning are very less then he might also fold instantly. So you just have to keep in mind that a tight player only plays if he is having better chances of winning or else he might simply fold.

Aggressive Poker Player

The fact is that an aggressive player is one that always tends to bet aggressively the moment he makes his decision to play the game. This type of player is often characterized as making very frequent number of bets, re-raising or even raising. Such type of player is generally not very much interested in checking with cards or calling other players or even in limping. They always try to lead the betting as often as possible.

So, you just have to keep in mind that such player is more or less very much selective in playing hands, or he only likes to play good hands. The moment such player decides to play any hand then there are full chances that he might only play the hand to make his win.

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Why Should One Play Tight – Aggressive Poker?

There certainly are different types of poker Toto HK 4D players who like making use of different styles. A player can be tight or loose and in most cases, a loose player generally experiences more number of flops. Having a weak or strong hand certainly does not make much difference. If a player is not aggressive then he certainly can be termed as a passive poker player ands such players never tend to lead but follow other peoples leads after betting round. He most often calls or checks for other people’s bets, so why only select tight-aggressive poker player? The answer is that such players are generally making best use of their chips. The moment you are having good hand, you certainly might be able to make best use of your poker chips.

If a player is aggressive then he certainly has the ability to protect good hands. In case you are raising or re-raising very often then you only let other players guess your cards.